Tradition of confetti and bomboniere

For over a century Italiana Confetti Srl strives to combine tradition and innovation, offering the market high quality candies made according to old craftsmanship and the most modern production technologies. Italiana Confetti Srl has successfully established itself as one of the market leaders in the Italian confectionery industry. Choosing as brand testimonial the most famous wedding planner in Italy, Enzo Miccio.

Traditionally favours contain five sugared almonds which represent Wealth, Health, Happiness, Fertility and Longevity.

Wedding favours date back many centuries and are considered traditional at wedding receptions by various cultures. It has been said that brides and grooms have been giving favours to their guests since the 16th Century. Favours are considered as one of the most important wedding accessory needed to celebrate your big day and are well received by guests.